She means business...

18.03.2020 Anna Aleksandra Koj: Commitment is the future


Anna Aleksandra Koj, managing partner, Akronos Consulting, deputy director, European Affairs Recruitment Specialists (EARS) and member of the board of Professional Women International Brussels (PWI) answers Krzysztof Celuch's questions in the series "She means business ..."


05.02.2020 Małgorzata Bartosik: Today, business is responsibility


Małgorzata Bartosik, deputy CEO of the WindEurope association, an industry organization of the European wind industry, answers Krzysztof Celuch's questions in the series "She means business ...".




07.01.2020 Barbara Neuhofer: Designing experiences is a business offer


Barbara Neuhofer, professor and head of experience design at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria, answers Krzysztof Celuch's questions in the series "She means business ...".


Pebbles are also valuable, so why fight for prizes!


We work hard every day to achieve success. We want to perform our duties reliably and most importantly - to develop. At least, these are the basic principles that the manager of the 21st century should strive for. But let's ask ourselves a more complicated question: do we like activities that lead us to win, prizes, awards, statuettes or precious stones ...?



And my calmness has the shape of your arms and sounds like your voice "- commented the owner of the company to the main organizer, and in" our language "event planners. She only muted the radio for communication with the technical crew for a moment, answering: "It'll be okay, I know it's important, you can count on me." She ran on. Is this a real story? Let's see! There is one fact - they have known each other for over 10 years, i.e. for a long time.



Sometimes you want it too much, sometimes you want it and you can't (I think), and sometimes ... get up, go and do it. Maybe then it will be different. Maybe then it will start working. Or maybe you just have to let go, take two steps back, then jump into the distance ...


AQUILA NON CAPIT MUSCAS - the eagle does not catch flies

Because is it not true that each of us was thinking how to become an eagle. How to fly come for one day? How to release thoughts and the body so that it really becomes partially migratory from a species that is settled. And more importantly - we know that the eagle feeds mainly on fish, waterfowl, occasionally carrion. On the other hand, he probably doesn't catch flies.



Stones can also be valuable, or why competing for awards is worth the effort


Every day we work hard in pursuit of success. We wish to have a diligent work ethic and, most importantly, strive towards growth. At least these are the basic principles that managers in the twenty-first century should pursue. But let us ask ourselves a more complicated question: do we actually like actions that lead to victory, awards, distinctions, statuettes or precious stones ...?



"My peace of mind has the shape of your arms and the sound of your voice", a company owner told the main organizer or, as we would say, an event planner. She responded by dialing down the radio used for communicating with a team of technicians for just long enough to answer: "Everything will be fine. I know this is important and you can count on me. " Then she got back to work. Is this a true story? Let us find out! One thing is certain - they have known each other for more than ten years, which is a long time.


AQUILA NON CAPIT MUSCAS - the eagle does not catch flies


Is it not true that everyone dreams about being an eagle and learning how to fly, even if just for one day? About setting your body and mind free so that a by definition sedentary species could turn partially migratory? Importantly, we know that eagles prey mainly on fish, waterfowl, sometimes carrion. However, we can be pretty sure that lies are not on its menu.



Sometimes you want something too much, sometimes you would like something but cannot have it, and sometimes ... simply get up, go and do it. Perhaps things will be different then. Maybe this will do the trick. Or how about just letting it go, taking two steps backwards and then taking a leap?



27/03/2020 Press release. #TarczaNieStarcza - the industry of meetings on the precipice.


The situation of the tourism industry is dramatic. In many segments, the level of cancellation reaches 90 percent. and for now it is impossible to predict what will happen in a few weeks or months. The estimated losses of the Polish economy due to coronavirus already exceed PLN 1 billion and relate mainly to tourism. This means layoffs, bankruptcy and the collapse of the entire industry. Comments of companies after the publication of the aid package is clear: #TarczaNieStarcza.


18.03.2020 Television in Poland


SMALL BUSINESS BIG CASE Will the event industry survive the coronavirus? Grażyna Raszkowska's guest is dr Krzysztof Celuch, the Main School of Tourism and Hotel Management Vistula.

Podcast: Horeca Radio, The future of the meeting industry


Krzysztof Celuch, vice-rector of the Vistula university talks about trends and news of the meetings industry in Poland and in the world.

mice luty 20202.jpg

13.02.2020 MICE Poland Read in February MICE Poland: Let's use the dark side!


A hidden community is a form of traffic assigned to the wrong channel. The marketing company RhythmOne claims that even over 80 percent. all actions on the network are the "dark" ones. Which means that we base our advertising resources on only 20 percent. what is actually happening. That is why we have to switch to the so-called "Dark side.


03.02.2020 Horeca Business Club Another book by Krzysztof Celuch devoted to place marketing offices


The issue of place marketing, in particular the role and function of convention bureaus and destinations in the meetings industry, is devoted to another publication of dr Krzysztof Celuch - "The Business and Management of Convention and Visitor Bureaus". The book, which has the character of a business guide, was published by Goodfellow Publishers.

23.01.2020 Trends 2020: technologies, social media, quick decisions, empirical explosion


Trends that set the direction of development on the meeting market in 2020 reflect changes in society. The speed of life, communication speed, new technologies and the search for impressions force meeting organizers to adapt to these trends.,89,trendy-2020-technologie-social-media-szybkie-decyzje-eksplozja-empiryczna.html?fbclid=IwAR22HeJLQRbXOLDV2q73eeu328u2hq0PEdOME4D0FvD8JGGJ1EBQQy0El30

21.01.2020 Galaxy of the LIVE Event with Krzysztof Celuch

29.12.2020 Krzysztof Celuch is a juror of the MPI RISE Awards


Krzysztof Celuch joins the jury of the competition organized by Meeting Professionals International, which distinguishes outstanding figures from the international meetings market and projects implemented by members of the association.,2492,krzysztof-celuch-jurorem-mpi-rise-awards.html?fbclid=IwAR1dg2UvTxudnIzpByoqX6SfUhNKrt9HMgKi94mlxT71PH8gDpFyz9oAdb0

19.11.2019 Krzysztof Celuch is the president of the EMEA MPI Foundation region


In January 2020, Dr. Krzysztof Celuch will assume the position of chairman of the EMEA region in the international structures of the Meeting Professionals International foundation.

08.10.2019 Think MICE, Krzysztof Celuch's new book has been released


"Let Convention Bureaus Flourish. Ensure Positive Interpersonal Relations ”- this is the title of the new book by Krzysztof Celuch. The study presents the results of two years of research on building interpersonal relations in the meetings industry on the example of the convention bureaux organization.

19.08.2019 Krzysztof Celuch: I go beyond the meetings industry


"First of all, I like to create new initiatives and help people. Just like in the mountains: setting a new path is every mountaineer's dream, but in case of danger he will help others. " Krzysztof Celuch sums up two years of activity under the Celuch Consulting brand.,96,krzysztof-celuch-wybiegam-poza-branze-spotkan.html

Event Industry Forum, Trends in the meetings industry. Interview with Krzysztof Celuch


In what direction is the meetings industry going? How to be up to date? What to read What do you listen to so you don't miss important industry changes? Krzysztof Celuch tells the Event Blogger, and during FBE 2020 Krzysztof traditionally presents the report "10 event trends for 2020 or how the world of meetings changes!"

30.04.2019 Krzysztof Celuch, as the only European, is the ambassador of MMBC


The Meetings Mean Business Coalition announced the 2019 Ambassadors, a group of meeting and event specialists who will serve as spokespersons for MMBC and the meetings industry in a broader context.