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Physical activity



The intention of this practice is to find a connection with your own body, as well as to recall your inner strength and strengthen self-confidence. During the practice, direct your attention to sensations present in the body, to breath and to your connection with the ground and grounding your position.


Try to practice with curiosity, patience and gentleness for yourself and your experience.

Mountain meditation can be practiced sitting or standing. The following recording contains guidance in sitting meditation. All position instructions can be found in the recording. If you want to do this meditation in a standing position, stand steady, spread your feet as wide as your shoulders and settle firmly in the ground with your whole feet, straighten your spine.

Be like a mountain to connect with its power and stability in meditation life and practice. You can use the mountain energy to strengthen your own and go out to meet the moment with mindfulness, wisdom and clarity.




A heavy backpack. Long distance. Technical difficulties are not uncommon. Variable weather. Heat during the day and frost at night. Wet clothes after rain. Instant food and uncomfortable sleeping. Camps "in the wild" hurriedly rolled up before dawn.

This is how trekking can look like. It may or may not. It is the multitude of varieties that causes this form of activity to be undertaken by crowds of tourists today. The trekking adventure began many of us and probably in many cases resulted in more advanced activities in the mountains. Who, however, sometimes doesn't like to just wander around in a nice area? Just. Pack the most necessary things into your backpack and go straight ahead.


Trekking offers countless possibilities. Virtually no boundaries. There are easy and difficult varieties. Trekking can be practiced by anyone who has any physical condition and has a pair of comfortable shoes. Beginners will choose short trips without major technical difficulties as their first goal. All-day walk along the tourist trail and warm soup in the hostel. Those more experienced will take a few days hike in the mountains with accommodation at an available campsite. They'll cook the liofus, and they will be enough for sleeping with a simple foam pad. The old bends of trekking, with all modest belongings on their backs, will venture into the wilderness and for many weeks will not bow their heads towards civilization.




Running is one of the most popular and most frequently practiced physical activities, it is also a natural and unforced form of movement that we use from an early age. Systematic physical activity and running have a beneficial effect on our fitness and condition. Running slims and slims the figure and increases the body's resistance. It protects against developing civilization diseases, among others obesity, heart disease, neurosis and depression. Running as a form of physical activity does not require large financial outlays. For running, good sports shoes, loose clothing and motivation are enough.


Running for health. Running has a positive effect on our health, condition, appearance and well-being. People who run regularly and physically active people are more mentally and physically resistant, they rarely fall ill with various types of diseases and recover faster after infections. Running improves mood and makes us more tolerant and relaxed - during running, endorphins (hormones of happiness) are released, which give us a sense of happiness and help maintain mental balance.


Regular running helps to maintain a slim and athletic figure, shapes and firms the figure, improves the condition and respiratory efficiency. It also strengthens muscles, tendons, makes joints more flexible and speeds up metabolism. It has a positive effect on the work of the heart and the circulatory system - running systematically improves heart performance. A well-trained strong and healthy heart does my job better and has an impact on the functioning of the whole body. Regular runners are more resistant to changes in pressure and weather - movement in the fresh air toughens the spirit and body.

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