A ​rigorous approach to research and business is a determinant of the projects, studies and strategies I conduct. After all, they are based on professional, often innovative research methods developed in cooperation with a team of experts and on thorough implementation founded on top quality expertise. I place great emphasis on making the conducted research a starting point for growing business, building image or position in a given area – on making sure there is a practical edge to it.


A great example of this approach, the Poland Meetings Impact (The Economic Impact of Poland’s Meetings Industry) report involves a team of academic and practical experts working under my guidance. As a result, we gained information about the Polish meetings industry’s GDP contribution. Poland is the eighth country in the world to boast such data, which can be applied in a wide variety of ways. 

We specialise in building the strategies of venues, hotels, destination marketing organisations, units responsible for the promotion of cities and regions, associations and companies operating in the meetings industry. Each project starts with a thorough analysis and consultation, followed by selecting a team of experts whose competencies match the characteristics of an analysed situation.


The key goal – in addition to professional and reliable operations – is to make the project as implementation-ready as possible. More than simply a concept, the strategic plan we prepare is primarily intended to be a set of tasks and tools, whose daily implementation will make it possible to accomplish the expected goals.


  • brand definition and building;

  • brand positioning;

  • brand recognition;

  • sales boost;

  • increased effectiveness in designated areas;

  • organisation of the subject’s work. 


An example of our projects

Expert analysis of the long-term development of business tourism in the voivodeship of Małopolska

​The prepared study demonstrated the need for the emergence of an organisation that would manage and promote Małopolska’s business tourism in a more comprehensive manner. We presented several operating models of the organisation, indicating the most effective option. We analysed and compiled all aspects of such an institution’s establishment to provide concrete solutions and conditions making their implementation optimally efficient. The final proposal of a regional destination marketing organisation specialising in business tourism is an innovative solution on the Polish market. 


Other examples of completed projects

  • Operations strategy for the Lublin & Region Convention Bureau up to 2020;  

  • Recreation as a tool for securing business for entrepreneurs from the Toruń county. Toruń Convention Bureau;

  • Development strategy for the Lublin Conference Centre;

  • Expert analysis of the long-term development of business tourism in the voivodeship of Małopolska. Operations model for Kraków and Małopolska Convention Bureau.