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Coaching offer

The offer applies to individual and group coaching services (maximum 10 participants). 200 hours in total.


The product is innovative on an international scale. It combines 3 elements:


  • Meditation - the mountain is completely natural and calm, no matter how strong the winds hit it, however dense dark clouds swirl around its summit. So, like a mountain, let your mind be calm knowing that everything passes.

  • Trekking - a form of tourism, cultivated in difficult terrain and climate. There are several forms of trekking. The most popular is classic (mountain) trekking, which is an intermediate form between climbing and hiking.

  • Impact - to change your future based on knowledge and substantive analysis is an incredible skill. Doing it and creating an impact on the local community, yourself and your loved ones is the goal of each meeting and the main CC methodology.


It is widely known that mountain air has a beneficial effect on our health and mind. If you feel the mental and physical need for motivation and strengthening, recharging your batteries with positive energy and creativity, then this training program is for you!


Great motivation in the Polish mountains, a good conversation with an experienced trainer about life and business will exceed your expectations. It will also be an opportunity to understand and direct emotions in the right direction, so that when you return home and work you feel like someone completely unique and free. It will help you find inner motivation. Hiking trails include meditation, analysis of business activities using the EventCanvas and ROI methods, and discussions on areas such as business and mental health. In addition, they are enriched with valuable and balanced meals and support for the 21st century lifestyle. A few words from the trainer: "In my opinion, the combination of coaching and movement will work perfectly, because what is coaching? This is making changes. It is a process of learning and acquiring skills that requires remodeling the way of thinking and acting.


From a scientific point of view, movement is extremely useful because it helps build new structures in the brain. It also harmonizes the connection between the head and the rest of the body. " Basically, the trainer is your partner in changes. We work together to explain what you want and then help you create a plan to reach your goal. Small steps to the goal will be a big change and going to the top! It has been proven that spending time in nature has a positive effect on a person's mental health.


Deep breaths and relaxation surrounded by greenery let you forget about all your worries.


EVERYTHING IS IN THE MOUNTAINS - peace, perspective, a note of competition with each other, a goal.

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