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My keynotes combine the realm of business, research expertise and the goal to inspire action. They are grounded in research in the meetings industry, marketing, management and psychology, case studies from a given business field, as well as my own experiences.

I find it absolutely crucial to pass on interesting and useful knowledge, but also to inspire my audience. I place considerable emphasis on the presentation, with energy, enthusiasm and connection with attendants among the essentials. When working on keynote speeches I always try to stand by my principle and combine substance (content) with a creative approach. It is my goal to make the keynotes optimally substantive, present inspiring stories, offer an incentive to act and add a strong sense of humour.

I was the opening keynote speaker of many international scientific and industry congresses, a speaker at business conferences and kick-off meetings, and a host of presentations at motivation-centred events. 


Content, product, motivation – the meetings industry

A keynote illustrating an individual perspective on the interdisciplinary meetings industry. I verify the heretofore typology and present my own proposal based on the goal and projected effect of each action. With this objective in mind, I present the industry’s model (market systematization, models of cooperation and business flows, the role of particular partners) and refer to other areas of science and business.


10 event trends for 2019

Meetings with people, brands and products plus motivation are essential in expanding knowledge and building relations in business. Their quality, content and form impact the potential outcome of the discussed meetings. Their effectiveness is also influenced by communication before and after the event, the combination of offline and online tools, appropriate structure. This is why each year I analyse reports on marketing, sociology, psychology, new technologies, expectations of event attendants, as well as cases studies to showcase top ten tendencies, which will strongly influence the shape of meetings and present their new concept.


Economic input – why is it important to know it?

In the case of new fields, with particular emphasis on business, it is crucial to examine their efficiency, effectiveness and, finally, define their value. The quality of the meetings industry is best demonstrated by its scope and economic impact, along with cultural, social and environmental significance. I explain why it is recommended to conduct research in this area, how to draw conclusions, plan actions on their basis and consequently convert them into success.

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