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Coaching sessions

Coaching is about strengthening and improving performance through the client's reflection on how he applies a particular skill and / or knowledge. During the session, the client works using his strengths to plan and carry out the change he wants.


When should you opt for coaching?


When the customer wants to even more effectively realize his values, and thus become what he wants to be and live more fully. What blocks people in achieving important goals are often limiting beliefs and fears, i.e. not real obstacles at all, but the way they think about the world - projections of their minds. Check if this is not the case in your case ...


  • When theoretically everything is okay, it seems that you have what you need to act effectively, make decisions, build satisfying relationships, and yet you do not.
    It is hard for YOU TO GET THE RESULT YOU EXPECT ... When you have thought everything through, you understand perfectly well ... and yet you do not act as you want ...

  • When you think that this GOAL is not worth even going on ... After all, you have already tried to try many times, but you just know that you will not reach it anyway ... ... And yet you feel a loss thinking in this way, because YOU ACHIEVE THIS GOAL THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT. It is important to you (different work, planning, exercise, assertiveness, building relationships, English ...), and your life would become RICHER, and MANY OTHER PEOPLE THAT WILL BENEFIT FROM THIS ...

  • When you are in a difficult situation, because for many reasons you do not know what to choose, and you want to MAKE A GOOD DECISION ...

  • When you want to RECOVER MOTIVATIONS to achieve important goals for yourself.

  • When YOU ARE LOOKING FOR INSPIRATION to change in an important professional or personal area for you ...

  • When you WANT TO OPERATE SMARTER, because how you act now does not lead you to achieving goals that are important to you.


When will coaching not be so effective?


  • When you are constantly sad, irritable regardless of the situation in your life. You feel that you are suffering. You need to break free from the past. Coaching can only support the changes you want to make.

  • When you want to learn new skills, e.g. new profession, managerial skills, conducting meetings, etc. Coaching can only support this learning process.

  • When you want to get expert advice. Coaching can only support development in a new direction.

  • When you need authority with experience in the field that interests you, which will guide your development in the long term. Coaching can be one of the methods used in mentoring.


The power of coaching is that the change in the client's life occurs at the level of attitude (e.g. values, beliefs, fears), habits (behaviors) and the development of new ways of functioning taking into account the supporting force of the system in which the client operates (e.g. team, family , company, group of friends).


Coaching is a development method focused on achieving goals that are important to the client. It is a process supporting the client in introducing changes in his private and professional life.

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