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How does being in nature affect the brain and neurons?


  • Scientists have proven that hiking - in the mountains or the forest - has a fantastic effect on the entire nervous system. Trekking improves memory, makes it more creative and has a soothing effect on our mental health. Coaching sessions in the mountains will motivate us to look from a different perspective and new ideas. The effects are worth it.


  • Other studies have shown that exposure to phytoncides , among those who were in the green, lowered cortisol - the stress hormone. What's even more interesting, staying in the forest all the time turned out to improve the immune system and add energy.


  • Walking supports neurogenesis and allows you to look at the world in a new way, think about it differently



  • Hiking in the field can also release endorphins, which reduce our sensitivity to stress and pain - make us feel good and nice.



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